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    Hey lovelies! Hello and welcome to the world of GiftsFromMoroccol! My name is Othmane , a free-spirited boho Boy born and raised in the Morocco.   I am a dreamer, fashion enthusiast, travel lover, positive thinker and creative soul. WE WORK FASTERWE SHiP FASTER Handcrafted from our atelier in Marrakech, Morocco , by expert Artisant . GFM  So happy to have you here to join me on my adventures. Apart from fashion, traveling is a huge passion of mine §GFM has an affordable handmade collection of Travel bags, wallet ,moroccan leather pouf , moroccan rugs ,Women bags , moroccan pillow , moroccan basket, moroccan slippers ,moroccan stencil, moroccan candle, moroccan jewerly and more§ Very, very hard to resist! The best quality handmade  Specialising in Bohemian...

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