Thanks for your interest in GFM handmade products

    First Let us introduce more about us and about our activities ,

    GFM campany is one of the 5 TOP stores in Morocco , and we are classified as the 4 th best Shopify store in the world this year .

    - Certifed from the moroccan artisanal organisation
    - Certified From " Sanaat Biladi "
    - Collect more then 12 Moroccan Expert Artisans
    - More than 7 years in te world of Handmade production

    GFM is now helping More Than 4 communities in Marrakech and khemissat (20km from Marrakech) to build more nurseries and better established schools, and supporting the independence of women in the Agafay area. We will be donating 5% on every product sold in our shop. Help us raise funds to keep our support going on.

    If you are a retailer interested in opening a wholesale account, I'd love to connect with you , We offer to our wholesale customers very attractive and discounted prices in the market .

    We ship to major destinations including USA , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc, as we have a partnership with many international carriers and express shipping .

    If you are interested in our wholesale range please Follow the steps :

    - Copy the link of the product that you need to order .
    - Contact us so we can discuss products, Prices and delivery dates for full details.
    - Contact Email : contact@giftfrommorocco.com

    - Contact Wahtsp : wa.me/+212675950931