Handcrafted Moroccan Leather Pouf ~why it's needed for every single room ?

    Why We Love It ?
    With their origin dating back the Ottoman Empire, poufs have played an integral role in home and family life as a casual seating solution from the 13th century well into the 21st. This gorgeous leather pouf is entirely handcrafted by seven individual artisans. Crafted of 100% goat's leather and stuffed with cotton batting, it bridges the gap between on-trend design and historical authenticity.
    The best for your interior design !
    In case you haven’t noticed, Moroccan poufs have taken the world of interior design by storm, and I can totally see why. These functional yet decorative pieces instantly provide a cozy, global feel when added to a living room, and I have been quite obsessed with finding the perfect ones lately.

    Moroccan Leather Poufs are eye catching, versatile and an invaluable part of any decor. they are available in a neutral color as well as in the rainbow colors.
    They look great, you can use them as an ottoman or footstool, and they can be used as extra seating, especially when you’re sitting around the coffee table checking your Phone or Tablet . check our wide selection of furniture at our website and tell us which ones are your favorite.

    Anyhow, GFM company  that was based out of Morocco and sold gorgeous, hand-crafted items including poufs, throws and pillows. When I saw these tan leather poufs, I fell head-over-heels in love, but  was skeptical as to why they were so cheap.

    Well, here is the catch my friends……..

    To save on costs, the leather poufs are sold and shipped without any stuffing. That is how I was able to get them for only $79 a piece.So, now you are probably wondering what I used to “stuff” them. Well, I used a combination of old towels, throws, never-used diapers that my kiddos had outgrown and plastic grocery bags.


    You see, my three-year-old loves to pretend he is a Power Ranger and perform karate jumps and kicks off of one pouf to the next. Given the poufs are placed in close proximity to the hearth,images of him busting his head or chin sometimes race through my mind  and I assumed it would be a bit safer if the ottomans remained a little squishy.


    Ordering the poufs online for such a low price, and straight out of Morocco, was a bit of a risk, but I am happy to say it was a risk worth taking. My only complaint is they do have a bit of an odor (which is to be expected when dealing with leather).

    They are so beautiful in person, and my babies seem to enjoy them. I think it really cozied up my living room and accentuated the boho vibe that I have been gravitating to.

    If you prefer a firmer look, of course you need to fill it more compactly then I did but I went with this particular volume for safety reasons.


    Material: 100 % Leather
    Made in : • Handmade in Morocco
    Dimensions: 20" x 12" 
    Style: • Zipper enclosure


    You can sit on them, or put your feet on them. But mostly I just want to look at them. you will LOVE them.



    Pouf ! You’re in love. Right? 

    I highly suggest anyone to try this for yourself and love ones as it really unique. If you would like to try the Moroccan pouf follow our exclusive link below :)


    EDITOR'S NOTE: They have a limited supply currently and were recently sold out for a month, so act fas you can try today.

    Update: CURRENTLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, Try it today before they sell out again!