70% OFF Cactus Silk Pillow Cover, Moroccan Boho Throw Pillow

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  • This cactus silk pillow was handwoven from silk from the sabra cactus plant. Each pillow is unique with their berber symbols and are one of a kind. Dimensions: approx 16" x 20" Dry Clean Only Every Moroccan pillow is one of a kind and patterns do vary.

  • Local villagers harvest the leaves of the Sabra cactus plant for the filaments within, and loom the textural canvas into patterns of ancient motifs.

    The yarn-dyed palette comes from all-natural botanical pigments, and each pillow cover gets its unique, burnished character from washing and drying under the Moroccan sun. Please note: Handmade items are not factory made.

    These pillows may have minor imperfections this adds to their vintage or handmade charm.


    Width: 18 inches
    Length: 18 inches

    PS; the insert is not included.