Moroccan mosaic table outdoor
    Moroccan mosaic table outdoor

    Moroccan mosaic table outdoor

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    Elevate your space with the enchanting charm of our handcrafted Moroccan mosaic table. Expertly fashioned by skilled artisans, this table is a testament to the rich cultural diversity of Moroccan craftsmanship. Every aspect, from its intricate design to the materials and colors meticulously chosen, reflects the essence of Moroccan heritage.

    By acquiring this exceptional piece, you're not just acquiring a functional item, but you're also contributing to the revival of a fading art form. The craftsmanship embedded in this table serves as a bridge between the past and the present, ensuring that the legacy of artisanal excellence lives on. Your support brings happiness to the dedicated craftsmen who pour their passion into creating this masterpiece.

    Crafted from authentic clay sourced exclusively from Fes City's renowned "Ben Jellik" location, this table embodies the essence of its origin. The clay undergoes a meticulous process of drying, shaping, and cleansing, a skill unique to Fes City. It's then carefully shaped into exquisite forms – flower vases, jars, and plates – all by the hands of skilled artisans, carrying forward an age-old tradition.

    The final touch involves firing the products in an oven at 2000°C for eight hours. Each piece is adorned with natural-based colors sourced from the treasures of nature. Using traditional brushes made of horsehair, skilled artisans bring to life vibrant hues like blue, red, and black, ensuring lasting beauty.

    To add a captivating shine and durability, the products are coated with a special material before being subjected to a final eight-hour oven bake on burned woods. The resulting products are not only ornate and visually appealing but also practical for everyday use. They can hold cold or hot water, with the paint retaining its brilliance over time.

    The distinctive art of Zellige finds its place in this masterpiece too. The intricate patterns are decided by Nekkach, who carefully arranges the baked and painted Zellige to create mesmerizing geometrical designs reminiscent of ancient references such as Karaouiyn and royal palaces.