Moroccan Handmade Brass Wall Mirror - Decorative, Unique Gift, Bathroom,

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    Elevate your decor with our Moroccan Handmade Brass Wall Mirror. Crafted from brass by a skilled local artisan in the vibrant Souks of Marrakech, each piece is meticulously beaten to create a delicate design that will beautifully complement any room in your home.

    Key Features:
    - Materials: Brass, Glass
    - Design: Moroccan mosque-shaped decorative mirror
    - Hanging: Equipped with a hook for easy wall mounting
    - Available Sizes:
    • - XLarge: approx. 37 x 53 cm
    • - Large: approx. 27 x 41 cm
    • - Medium: approx. 23.5 x 36 cm

    Add an exotic touch to your space with this brass mirror. Its unique design and craftsmanship bring a touch of Morocco to your home. A perfect blend of art and function, it's an ideal decorative piece or a thoughtful gift.