The Kilim bag, a one of a kind Travel accessory!

    Kilim, a word of Turkish origins, describes a textile of many uses produced by one of several weaving techniques that have a common or closely related heritage and are practiced in the places like parts of Turkey and Morocco and Afghanistan.
    The Kilim bags is there fore a bag inspired by Kilim rugs that is handmade to offer to you the authentic style of vintage Kilim combined with excellent leather craftsmanship.

    This cross between beautiful rugs design and leather is what makes the Kilim bags a unique piece of accessory. A vintage Moroccan bag made of genuine leather mixed with a beautiful Berber wool weaving style.
    What makes it special and authentic is that this Moroccan leather bags with kilim is handcrafted by artisans in Morocco using natural leather stitched together and hand embroidered with exquisite detailing on the top. We select beautiful vintage kilims from the best of what the Médinas have to offer, which are cleaned and laundered before integrating the process to make the Kilim bags.
    If there is one piece from your outfit that is guaranteed to turn heads and get you complimented, is the Kilim bags. It’s beautiful and adds a special touch to your look. Its also spacious to make sure it hold all of your daily necessities and even your weekend necessities if you’re planning to take it for a trip!
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