Handmade Moroccan Clay Vessel Sink - Authentic Artisan Bathroom Vanity Basin

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    Transform your bathroom into a unique oasis with our Custom Made Patina Raw Clay Handcrafted Bathroom Vessel Sink. Contact us for personalized orders, including colors, letters, and dimensions. Crafted with care, this ceramic basin features a new round shape, adorned with a detailed Moroccan pattern, hand-pressed, and hand-painted.


    25 cm (10 inch)
    30 cm (12 inch)
    35 cm (14 inch)
    40 cm (16 inch)
    45 cm (18 inch)
    50 cm (20 inch)

    Height: 130mm

    Drain Hole: 450 mm (fits US/UK plumbing standards)

    Perfect for traditional and modern environments, this washbasin complements various settings, from vintage to contemporary. It's a canvas for your creativity, ideal for pairing with casted concrete, marble, stone, tiled, or wooden surfaces. Our traditional Moroccan sink represents a rich cultural heritage and supports the flourishing of an ancient craft.

    Handcrafted by professional artisans in Fes City, this sink embodies the diversity of Moroccan handcrafts. The clay used is sourced specifically from Ben Jellik, creating a connection between the past and present. Your support contributes to the preservation of this dying craft and brings happiness to skilled workers.

    Made from clay found exclusively in Fes City, the material undergoes a meticulous process of drying, breaking, cleaning, and shaping before being hand-painted with natural-based colors derived from local resources. The final product is coated to enhance shine and durability.