Beni Ouarain Floor Cushion - Handwoven Wool and Cotton - Cream Floor Seating

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    Enhance your interior with our exquisite Fluffy Beni Ouarain Floor Cushion. Handmade by our cooperative of artisans in Morocco, this floor cushion is a unique showpiece that adds warmth and atmosphere to your living room or bedroom. Crafted from a Beni Ouarain carpet, it exudes a soft and inviting appearance, making it perfect as an extra seat, footrest, or even as a table for both indoor and outdoor decoration.


    • Handwoven by our cooperative of artisans in Morocco
    • Made from 100% robust wool fibers
    • The floor cushion comes without an inner cushion, allowing you to fill it sustainably with old clothes or blankets
    • Washing instructions: We recommend dry cleaning the floor cushion for optimal care and maintenance
    • Dimensions: 60x60x25 cm (Width x Length x Height)

    Versatile and stylish, our Beni Ouarain Floor Cushion offers various uses and styling possibilities. Create a bohemian vibe in your living room or bedroom, or use it as an extra seat in your garden's lounge area. Place a tray on top to transform it into a unique side table. Let your creativity shine by mixing and matching it with other decorations to achieve your desired look.

    This floor cushion is not only a cozy accessory but also serves as a meditation pillow or a quiet spot to indulge in a good book. Its versatility extends to your four-legged friends, who will surely enjoy lounging on it.

    Handmade by our cooperative in Marrakech, this floor cushion is derived from the famous Beni Ouarain carpet. The craftsmen skillfully cut a large "patch" from the carpet to create a soft and warm floor cushion, utilizing the warmest and thickest material available. By purchasing this cushion, you are supporting the artisans and ensuring the preservation of this traditional craft.