Handmade Moroccan Leather Square Pouf | Ottoman Footstool

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    Elevate your decor with this Handmade Moroccan Leather Square Pouf, expertly crafted in Marrakech, Morocco. Experience the natural beauty and charm of 100% authentic traditional Moroccan Leather sourced from local tanneries, making it a true work of art.

    Note: This pouf square will come unstuffed due to high shipping costs from Morocco (you will receive the cover only). The pouf color may vary slightly due to its handmade 100% leather craftsmanship.

    Our poufs are sold unfilled to offer the lowest delivery prices worldwide. Filling is a breeze - use padding, towels, old clothes, newspapers, or small balls of polystyrene to complete your ottoman!

    - 100% genuine leather
    - Handmade with care
    - Zip closure

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