Hanging Leather Headboard , wall Leather Hanging Headboard

    Hanging Leather Headboard , wall Leather Hanging Headboard

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  • Material: Leather 

    Made by experienced and talented Artisans from Morocco !

    Handmade with love !
  • This leather headboard takes bedroom goals to the next level. Luxe leather in a rich, vegetable-tanned hues, this piece adds the perfect finishing touch to any bed. Lightweight and easy-to-install, it's as functional as it is handsome.

    Made with love
    The GFM headboard is made in the finest aniline leather and will make any bedroom stand out. Every hide has its own unique story and natural markings. Usage, daylight and interior lighting affect the leather and through time it will develop its own amazing patina.

    Color and grain nuances are normal and can vary from hide to hide. There may also be minor scratches, wrinkles and healed scars on the leather even though the hides we order are premium selection. It is important to remember that the hide comes from livestock animals. In our world its authentic patina and we love it.

    All the materials used to make headboard have one purpose – to make it look and feel cozy, homely and luxurious. The GFM headboard represents superior quality, unique craftsmanship and a touch of Danish design.

    The headboard can be mounted in several different ways. You can choose your favorite ring, hook or bar here.

    More than just a headboard
    We make bedroom furniture that aim to recharge your human batteries and dream big whether you are at home or in one of the many hotel rooms we are represented in worldwide.

    The bedroom is a place of refuge and intimacy. It is the place where you can read your favorite book, get inspired, listen to music, rest, sleep, dream and sometimes get breakfast served by the people you love. It is the place where you spend the most time in your life. Our choice of materials, whether it is leather, fabric, wood or metal is meant to help you find inner peace, nourish your sleep and restore your energy.

    Mounting the headboard
    The M headboard is a floating headboard, meaning that it is not attached to the mattress or the bed frame like a classic standing headboard. Instead it is attached to the wall with L-shaped screws for easy wall attachment, making sure that the headboard stays in place and close to the wall. It is then up to you to choose how high or low you would like the headboard installed. Some people like the headboard close to the mattress (small gab between headboard and mattress) and others like it a little further up on the wall. It is totally up to you, so we recommend testing it before final installment. Even though it has two leather straps that serve as loops for wall mounting it is actually the screws on the back that hold up the headboard.

    At Merrkesh we also make customized versions of the GFM HEADBOARD at an extra cost. If you have a special request, please contact us.


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    In addition, the fact that they are not synthetic makes them environmentally friendly.

    The structure is made of , durable wood that suits the time.
    Because they are natural materials, each has its own stripes, tones and textures, making each piece exclusive and unrepeatable.
    ♥ Commitment to giving back ♥

    GFM is now helping 7 communities in Marrakech and khemissat (20km from Marrakech) to build more nurseries and better established schools, and supporting the independence of women in the Agafay area. We will be donating 5% on every product sold in our shop. Help us raise funds to keep our support going on. 

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    Very limited quantity ! Do not miss this rare & unique item !

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