Leather Hanging Headboard , Hemming Leather Headboard Cushion

    Leather Hanging Headboard , Hemming Leather Headboard Cushion

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  • Description:
    Materials: leather

  •   Genuine Leather Hanging Headboard, leather Headboard, Bedroom Wall Decor Over The Bed, Hanging leather, strap and ring brass, high quality

    This genuine leather hanging headboard is a luxurious bedroom accessory perfect for giving your modern bedroom decor the “pop” it needs. We use only ethically-sourced, fair trade, quality leather from Marrakech, Morocco to create our handmade headboards. They are lightweight and simple to hang – the perfect addition to your modern bedroom style.

    The vegetable-tanned leather of your new headboard just gets better as it ages, developing a richer color and texture over time. Choose from twin through king size for the perfect fit for your space.

    Overall, a leather headboard can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bedroom, while also providing practical benefits such as comfort and durability.

    - We use 100% genuine leather.
    - Comes STUFFED (a finished item)

    - All sizes Available, Contact me for any size you want.
    if you looking for any size or a different color, be free to contact us.

    -Warranty covers damages during shipping, missing pieces, product not as pictured. If any, please reach out to either send you free parts or to return . Assistance is provided whenever needed.